Pro Reps Performance goes beyond just being a youth basketball training program; it represents a revolutionary movement. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of excellence among athletes from various backgrounds, empowering them to realize they’re full potential through Pro Reps' guidance. With a wide range of offerings such as private coaching, group sessions, after-school programs, camps, and travel teams, we are committed to helping individuals uncover their hidden talents and improve their basketball skills.


Our Founder

Laurence Jolicoeur


Pro Reps was established by Laurence "LJ" Jolicoeur, a native of Queens, NY, who cultivated a passion and talent for basketball from a young age. During his high school years, LJ attended Holy Cross and competed in the CHSAA, renowned as one of the nation's premier high school basketball leagues. Subsequently, he pursued higher education at Manhattan College, where he secured a Division I scholarship and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. Following a postgraduate year at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, LJ ventured into a professional basketball career in Italy.


Presently, LJ leverages his expertise to mentor both amateur and professional basketball players, imparting his comprehensive understanding of the sport to enhance their skills. By combining elements of enjoyment, dedication, and hard work, LJ animates the training sessions at PRO REPS, catering to players of all ages and guiding them towards excellence in their desired areas of improvement.